How to Become a Doctor After 12 Years of Medical School

how to become a doctor after 12th

Many of you may wonder how to become a doctor after 12th year of study abroad. The answer is simple; you can do it if you have the right attitude and the determination to become a doctor. You may not get the job immediately upon graduating from your study abroad program, but with some hard work, determination and persistence you will surely get the desired position. This article will highlight on some of the best study abroad programs that you can apply for in order to study abroad in your desired fields. You can choose any of these fields so as to study abroad in the field of your interest.

The field of medicine is one of the best choices to study abroad in. There are many opportunities in this field including treating patients in the emergency room and general medicine. As a result, you can get a better understanding about emergency medical care as well as the other details of general medicine. It is very important for you to complete your degree before getting a job in this field. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to get a position once you start working.

Earning a degree in pharmaceutical engineering is another choice of many students who wish to get into medicine. This is because there is great scope for advancement in this field. You can become a drug analyst or technologist once you complete your degree from abroad. You can also get a job as a pharmaceutical product development manager or a pharmaceutical marketing manager. All these jobs pay good salaries.

If you are interested in becoming a dentist, you can study abroad in India for a year and then study in America. There are many schools and colleges in India that offer dentistry programs. If you study in India, you can expect a good salary because of the high demand for dentists in the country. The best part about studying dentistry in India is that you can study any time – in the morning before work, at night when you have free time, or even on weekends when you have more time.


A nursing degree from abroad is a perfect option for those who want to get into medicine but who don’t have a bachelor’s degree. The salary for nurses who have a master’s degree is much higher than those with just a bachelor’s degree. You can study in various nursing institutions around the world such as the University of British Columbia in Canada, King’s College London in England, and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia. Even though there is a shortage of medical staff in some countries, the wages you get from working overseas is still very competitive.


When you study abroad, you can learn a lot about different medical fields and their treatments. You will also experience a culture that is totally different from your own. In addition, you will learn how to care for people abroad. You can also study abroad to study medicine or get a degree in any other medical field. You can even study abroad to become a psychiatrist if you want to specialize in mental health.


Studying in Australia or Canada will also give you a chance to experience a multicultural society. Here, you can get to know a lot of people of different races and backgrounds. Your experiences in Canada or Australia will also give you the chance to practice your medical skills in these countries. Some of the medical courses you can take include pediatrician courses, adult dental courses, and pediatric dental training. You can also get specialized training in pathology and neurosurgery.


Once you study abroad, you can find a job in almost every medical institution in the country. This includes hospitals, clinics, private practices, research facilities, and even pharmaceutical companies. There are plenty of opportunities for jobs in Australia or Canada, so if you want to become a doctor, it would be wise to consider going abroad. If you have already completed medical school, then it would be easy for you to find a good job.